Street Raiņa 21
Phone: 27724437 

I-VI: 12:00-22:00; VII: 14:00-22:00

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Restaurant name originates from the highest mountain on Africa continent that is visible from far away. We are amazed by its beauty and white cup at the top designed from snow and ice and existing despite of close location to equator.

The mountain is our inspiration to introduce new heights in life of Riga gourmets searching for fresh, delicious food served in virtue and homelike atmosphere.

The unseen interior design in spirit of Africa with authentic art, crafts and music will bring you refreshing and unforgettable experience for sharing with your loved ones and friends.

Our cuisine provides you with culinary influences ranging from South Africa to Northern Europe. We can also offer our guest to become part of gastronomic adventure called molecular cuisine. Nowadays, molecular cuisine is one of the most popular areas of gastronomy. You will be surprised and enlightened by amazing structure and unusual bouquet of rich flavors from molecular food.

South African wines are becoming internationally recognized and recommended by sommeliers in the finest restaurants all over the world.

Although South Africa is classified as a “new world” region, the region's most talented winemakers know how to perfectly balance the "new" and "old" world styles, creating an unforgettable flavor.
In "Kilimanjaro" wine list you will find the best selected wines of the South Africa, other “New World” regions and favorite “Old World” wines.

Restaurant has convenient location in City center, Boulevard Raina 21 just opposite the Latvian National Opera being 5-10 minutes’ walk from major tourist routes or public transport stopping points.

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