About project

Restorani.lv - service to order food online with delivery. We provide an easy way to get quality food without leaving your home or office. Choose dishes from the best restaurants in Latvia and we will deliver your meal to the address.

Project Restorani.lv emerged as an answer to our own needs, because idea author often personally ordered food from the restaurants, but usually delivery was not provided.
Therefore, the only option was to call to a restaurant in advance and order a meal and personally come to the restaurant to pick the food.

Another missing opportunity was to book a business lunch to the office at certain time of the next day - to get warm and fresh food at the time when you have scheduled your lunch break.

Solution for the both wishes was Restorani.lv project, which gives you a chance to order food online from restaurants without leaving your home or office, as well as pre-order a day or two ahead.

Previously we ordered pizza and sushi, but now it's time to vary menu!