Street Blaumaņa 5A
Phone.: 66018036

I-VII: 12:00-23:00

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Chaikhana Sato - a symbol of the east, generosity and hospitality, a bit of sun from Central Asia in the Baltic capital. The restaurant of Uzbek cuisine in Riga offers the best national dishes, cooked according to original Uzbek recipes, just listen to the names of the dishes: haravats, samsa, dimlema -sound like something extraordinary!

Uzbek gastronomy is fantastic! The Uzbek chefs feel by heart their native cuisine and all the culinary secrets know from their long experience. Everything that they do - whether grilled shashlik on the grill or lamb on a spit, baked bread intandyr or conjure with Kazan - it is magic. But the magic is quite tangible, real and incredibly delicious!

Prepare all these dishes properly, observing all the culinary details of and nuances can only the Uzbeks. But to fly to Samarkand, Bukhara or Tashkent, to try them in authentic performance, not necessarily. There are Uzbek cuisine specialists in Riga - in Chaikhana Sato. Enjoy a taste of the mysterious East!

Chaikhana Sato will become your guide in the wonderful tastes world, spicy herbs and sunny smiles.

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